The Ultimate Guide To A Stress-Free Morning For Moms

The Ultimate Guide To A Stress-Free Morning For Moms

If your morning is anything like mine, a chaotic start is an understatement. I can’t tell you how often I say, LET’S GO!!!!! What are you doing, we’re going to be late!!!!  Yea CRAZINESS!  It got to a point for me as a mom that I felt sad after dropping the kids off at school.  They were rushed right out the door by a screaming mom.  UGH, MOM FAIL!!  Then my day was filled with guilt and sadness that my children’s day commenced in an unloving, rushed manner.  I knew it was time for my sanity and their peace to start the day off as peaceful and loving as possible.  I knew that organization would have to replace the chaos to succeed.  So I created these habits to better embrace our mornings together as opposed to hating the day before it even got started.


The Ultimate Guide To A Stress-Free Morning For Moms


  • Establish A Good Night Routine

Before going to bed, make sure your to-do list is complete.  You will rest better knowing that when the sun rises, the day is fresh with things put away, everything is well organized and today’s to-do list isn’t already weighed down by yesterday’s chores.


  • Tidy the Home Before Bed

Waking up to a clean home makes for an easy morning.  If you start the day cleaning up yesterday’s mess, you’ve already added unnecessary stress for the day.


  • Check Kids Bags The Night Before

HUGE PET PEEVE, when my children are tossing papers for me to sign as we’re trying to get out the door and be on time for school.  I ask for folders right after school to be placed on the counter so I can sort through them.  Everything is signed and ready for the morning.


  • Make Sure Homework Is Done

This is the worse! Especially for my older child, forgetting homework the morning it’s due.  I set a structured after school schedule where the children come home after school and get busy.  They have a snack and relax a bit.  Sometimes play outside for an hour and then it’s time to get busy with homework.  That way nothing is forgotten.


  • Take Showers The Night Before

Have the children shower the night before.  This allows for an easy start to the morning.  My son is infamous for wanting to sit in the shower for minutes on end trying to wake up.  Yeah, not conducive for a busy morning.    I even bath the baby at night.  This helps with his sleep and also making my day easier in the AM.


  • Arrange School Clothes The Evening Before

My daughter is at an age where her outfit will make or break her day.  So I make sure they have their outfits all picked out and ready for the morning.  That way her favorite pants are clean and everyone has matching socks and were not trying to dig through the dirty clothes looking for something to wear.


  • Lunches Packed

I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve discovered were out of bread or that were short snacks to pack school lunches.  So do it the night before.  It’s much easier to run to the store in the evening rather in your pajamas with bed head in the morning.


  • Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

For the longest time, I would set my clock at the exact time needed to get up and be on time for school.  But, I discovered many times something would interfere with our morning routine, and we would be late or stressed.  So now I wake everyone up earlier than needed so they can just chill and be relaxed while they get ready.  We have a much better morning when we’re not all running on screech.


  • Plan An Easy Breakfast

Breakfast should be quick!  Breakfast is a must for a healthy start to everyone’s day.  So plan breakfast.  Healthy cereal or bagels with fruit are quick.  If you want to cook for them, do it the night before.  It’s so easy to heat up pancakes to send them off with something that will stick to their ribs until lunch.  But keep it simple and healthy.


  • Stay Off All Devices

If you put my son in front of the tv in the morning, he is useless.  Keep all devices off in the morning.  They have all evening where they can watch a little television or play on the iPad.  Use your morning time to bond; we do morning worship, then talk with each other about the upcoming day.  This is a good heart to heart time.  It also keeps things flowing smoothly and not captivating your children like deer in the headlights.


  • Set Your Coffee

Coffee is a MUST for me.  Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, don’t even breathe on me until I’ve started a cup of coffee.  It gives me great relief knowing that my sweet little coffee pot starts itself.  I can smell the hazelnut brewing and continue helping the kids get ready, knowing in a few short minutes the cure to my exhaustion is just ahead.  It’s AWESOME, moms!!!  One thing less for you to do.  So do all of this the night before so you can wake up to a fresh cup calling your name.


  • Set Clocks Fast

Oh yes, I did!!!! Not only do we get up early, but when were all rushing out the door right at 7:40 am to get to school on time, it’s actually only 7:35!  We have a whole 5 minutes just in case!!!  The baby loves to poo at this time.  It’s great, really knowing that time is on our side.


  • Time By Yourself

So I know you get the kids up 15 minutes early, but it’s crucial to wake up with some time to yourself.  I get up and read the bible and pray and just take in all of the quiet.  It prepares me for the joyful but thunderous noises that are about to come in T-minus 30 minutes.  I feel prepared, peaceful, and just squeezing some Jesus time in before anything else puts the Armor of God on.  How can I possibly fail with Jesus on my side?



So this is a glimpse into our morning and how we don’t kill each other and embrace a less stressed morning.  It’s all about preparation and organization, and I promise the rest will just come.  I can tell you that taking the extra step to creating mornings a little less chaotic brings such a great peace and a sense of accomplishment to my life as a mother and as a woman.


I would love to hear how you manage your chaotic mornings in your home!

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