Love Your Husband Better A Seven Day Challenge For Wives (Day One)

Day One:

Kiss Him

It’s easy to get jammed up in life’s chaos, tending to the children, their schedules, maintaining the home, cleaning, groceries, paying the bills, supper, and then you wash, rinse and repeat.  It’s exhausting, angering from time to time, you start to feel lost in the thick of the day to day life of your loved ones and their demands set upon your shoulders.

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You begin to resent your husband.  How dare he want time alone with you, when all you long for is time for yourself, a quiet, fifteen-minute uninterrupted shower, enjoying three meals a day that inevitably ends up in your belly as opposed to the floor for the dog because the baby is crying or you’re late for practice.  It’s hard some day’s,  sometimes every day just seems too hard to get up and repeat the same pandemonium again and again.


I am right there with you.  I feel guilty for feeling that mommy should get her time, a break from the kids, and who even cares about my husband.  He’s a grown man he can take care of himself.  First off, you do deserve “ME”  time!  So take it!  So make arrangements that you get this time because ladies, Satan is placing this stinking thinking in your head and breaking down your marriage faster than saying  “I, do.”


You said “I, do”, right?  I promise to love you through the good and the bad, through sick days and healthy days, boring day’s, angry day’s, where intimacy is so far off the beaten path you and your spouse have forgotten what it was like to be together days?  You decided to have kids together and knew up front that kids were going to need most of you, well all of you.


Your husband is not the enemy here.  I, too, have permitted this kind of thinking to take hold of my thoughts and have allowed them to drive us almost to the front door of the courthouse.  It’s a scary place to be.  We both are at a place of blaming each other and hating each other and wondering how we even got here.


Jesus has already claimed VICTORY!!  Our story has a happy ending!  We can do this and beat Satan’s attempt to devour our marriage, break our husbands down, and undermine our marriage created under God.

Love your husband better! A seven day challenge that will start improving your marriage right now! Wow! I am so glad I came across this challenge. I can already see the changes taking place!

Talk it out:

Together, reflect on your dreams of what being married meant to you.  Discuss with each other what your expectations were then for your marriage, and how they compare now.  Decide, how you can start reaching those goals and set small goals for each other.  For example, wishing to have a more prayer filled marriage.  Now, instead of leaving this to one person, set a time together where you will commit to prayer.  Where if the other has forgotten, you’re going to pick up the slack.  A grace-filled love will bring healing and results to a failing marriage.


Loving your husband better:

Every evening this week, and hopefully forevermore, meet your husband at the door after his long day at work and hug him and kiss him.  Tell him how you thought of him and missed him.  Now, I know for some this is going to be so tough.  Just fight through that pride, and show him some love.  When wives start to love their husbands with respect and share a sweet embrace together every day, the love between the two will start to flourish.  It’s the breaking down of this pride, that will let go of that stinking thinking and allow love to fill your heart you once had for your husband.

On your own:

Make a list of all the reasons you fell in love with your husband.  Keep in a safe place, to reflect on, throughout the challenge.  Also, what is your biggest struggle you have in your heart with your husband that keeps you from loving him?  Pray that God will heal your heart and refresh your love for your husband.  Keep praying for him, the enemy is after him.


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