Are you dying to have this piece on your dining room table? Me too, which is why I made it! This centerpiece will make for a stunning addition to your home fall decor this year.  Bring luxury decor to your home, made by your own hands for CHEAP!  This DIY harvest mason jar centerpiece is so easy, that if you start right now you can have it sitting on your dining room table by dinner!

Let’s get started!

What you will need:

Three Mason Jars ( I used the quart sized jars)

White Chalk Paint

Sponge Brush

Burlap Ribbon

Lace Ribbon


Glue Gun and glue

Sand Paper



First Things First:

Clean jars and remove sticker from the bottom of the jar.  Create a surface that allows for paint.  You don’t want to ruin your nice counter.  Shake white chalk paint and begin painting.  I do not paint the inside of the jars.  Paint all three jars and allow to dry.  Depending on your paint you may find you want to do two or three more coats.

Some say to allow the jars to dry overnight, but I am way too impatient for that.  I want these babies on my table for dinner.  So once the jars appear to be dry, go ahead and use your sand paper to rough them up for a distressed look.  There is no perfect way to do this, it is your own personal preference.  I did very little sanding this time.  Typically people like to sand the wording and numbers.

Plug in the glue gun and get ready to become crafty.

Now figure out the length of burlap ribbon you need to go around the jar.  I just wrapped it around and allowed for a little overlapping and cut it.  Apply the glue to the side of the ribbon that shows any wire.  If your ribbon does not have any wire perfect.  Quickly apply ribbon to the jar.  I used the letters to place ribbon equally around the jar.  It’s pretty simple, but if it doesn’t lay straight try again.  These jars are really forgiven and will allow for mistakes.  Place all burlap on the jars and repeat the same instructions with the lace. (HINT:  Only apply glue to one small spot in the front where the flower will cover and one in the back where the lace meets together.  The glue shows through the lace.)

WOW!  Look at that, you are almost finished!  So now place the glue on the back of your desired fall flower and press on to the jar.  Repeat with the other jars.  My flower had a small plastic nub on the back and I just used my scissors and snipped it off.  This allows for the flower to rest against the jar better.

Now, arrange your flowers in the jar accordingly and you now have your perfect, and EASY DIY HARVEST MASON JAR CENTERPIECE all your friends are going to love!!!!

DIY HARVEST MASON JAR CENTERPIECE This beautiful collection of jars will be the perfect home fall decor everyone will love. Oh, and it's super easy. Have it done by dinner.


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