Dear Son,

Dear Son,

Well, look at you, eight years old!  You have grown into a dashing young man.  Where has the time gone?  It seems like just yesterday I was watching all the sweet little things you use to do, crawling around, scaling your crib, chasing bugs, digging in the mud.  Your smile, bleach blonde hair and curious little mind make my world go round.  Mommy wants to share some things with you as you grow into a young man.


As time goes on, you will experience great joy and great sorrow.  The world is harsh like that.  Soon you will be a teenager and soon after a young adult.  So sit back, and listen and remember mommy loves you, and I want the very best for you.  I need you to remember what I’m about to say, as there will be a time I can no longer remind you.


For starters, right now I am the only woman in your life.  You love me with all your heart.  Unconditionally, you love and forgive when mommy messes up and you’re always open to what life brings our way as mother and son.  Son, someday a woman will walk into your life and you will feel so deeply in love with her and I want you to still share this love with me, but put her first.  A wife is a gift from God.  God say’s, a man is to marry and leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. (Genesis 2-24)  There can only be one woman in your life, she will not want to feel like she is competing with me. 



Make her feel valued and special.  Make mommy proud and love your wife with respect, grace and lots and lots of forgiveness.  Never lay a hand on her.  Be a safe place for her to lay her head at night.  A place where she can seek shelter from the chaos of her day. Never make her feel pressured.  Treat her as an equal.  Listen to her and allow her thoughts to be heard and valued.  Always be a gentleman.  Open doors for her, push in her seat, give her sweet kisses, hold her hand, never lust after other women, safeguard your relationship and never cheat.  Keep your marriage bed holy and pure. 


Stand up for yourself.  Never let people walk all over you and abuse you.  This world is full of kind people and not so kind people.  Sometimes I wonder where all the kind people have gone.  We have turned into a culture that is highly offended and self-seeking.  Don’t let the self-seekers steamroll you into a hole of self-doubt.  This means, being a respectable man, and seek what is right, good, just and pure.  Die to your flesh and make sure that God is glorified in whatever you do. 


Becoming a father will be an experience you will never appreciate until that day comes when you hold that precious, sweet life in your hands and gaze upon a miracle so beautiful.  Son, tough times will come and go, but you never stop loving, protecting and caring for the angels God sends into your life.  You work five jobs if that is what it takes to support them. Always support them.  They come first over cell phones and take out.  If working simply means providing for them and you go without, then so be it. 



Never let troubled waters impact your relationship with your kids.  You see them as much as you can and I don’t mean four hours a month or from a jail cell.  I pray that your marriage will endure Satan’s plan to devour the two of you.  But, no matter what, always be there for those kids and for the sake of them, love your wife, in a long-suffering kind of way and stick it out!  God has already conquered darkness and He will see you through.  Be a good daddy! 


Teach your daughter what a gentleman should look like.  What kind of man she should have in her life one day.  Love your wife the way you hope your daughter’s husband will love her someday.  Teach your son to be a Godly man, a leader, strong and humble.  Laugh with him, wrestle, throw a baseball together.  Teach him how to fish and create lifelong memories of pure joy, love, and stability.  Grow him into a God fearing, loving man.  Show him what a hard worker is by example, without allowing his family to fall through the cracks.  If you only have five minutes a day with your family, then make it the best five minutes you’ve ever had together. 


God say’s, Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger or they will become discouraged. (Col 3-21)  Love your children, honey.  Be an example of your heavenly Father, be a rock in their lives, and a shelter from the storm. Always lead your family closer to God.  Don’t allow for excuses to devour your family and walk with the Lord.  Raise them up to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.  If everything else becomes a struggle, let family worship be a priority.  Trust me, sweetheart, God will get the rest.


Always say you’re sorry.  Honey, you’re going to make mistakes.  We all do and we all have.  You will make big, big mistakes and small silly mistakes, but never be so proud that you can’t stop what you’re doing and say your sorry.  Seek that person out you have wronged, and apologize not after they caught you, but before.




Be a humble man and always tell the truth.  Yes, we all have told lies.  But, before things get real bad, confess immediately.  A lie will eat you up inside, and suck the joy of your soul.  Don’t let mistakes become some frequent that you become unreliable for people in your life.  Learn from each mistake and it’s life application and grow from it.  You will become a great man from your experiences, I can tell from your sweet spirit now.  You can be so proud and in a moment, have this sweet, caring little heart for others.  You’re such a good, sweet boy. 


Son, you must always forgive.  Don’t let people hurt you by breaking down who you are and become embittered and angry.  Let there hurts go.  Release it back to them.  If they plead with you that they are sorry, forgive them.  If they don’t ask for forgiveness, forgive them.  Anger is poison.  It will ruin relationships, steal your peace and make you sick.  You will heal.  God gives us the grace to walk through any path He leads us down.  Just always’s forgive and the healing process is much easier.  Don’t allow pride to get in the way.


Be a good friend.


Be a good man.


Be a good husband.


Be a good daddy.


Be kindhearted.


Compassionate of others.


Love with all your heart.


Stand out in your community in a humble way.


Be the man that would take his shirt off his back to help another man.


Be a member of a bible teaching church.


Be part of a ministry in your church.


Honey, serve, serve, serve as Christ himself did.


 Son, life will be full of joy, excitement, confusion, sadness and hardships.  Trials and tribulations will come your way and let them come.  They will mold you into a good man.  They will humble you, bring you to your knees and face to the floor and then the lord will gently pick you up and brush you off and make you new again.  The storm will ALWAYS come to an end.  Don’t lose heart.


Gosh, I love you so much.  It is such a blessing to watch you grow up.  Right now, I am going to cuddle you for as long as I can, hold your hand when you let me, give you sweet kisses and big bear hugs and I promise, I will do the best possible in raising you.  I will help set you up for success and then I will set you free.


Baby, mommy loves you to the moon and back!












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