8 Ways To Love Your Wife On An Emotional Level

8 Ways To Love Your Wife On An Emotional Level

So She’ll Love You In Bed


So let’s not pretend we don’t already know that men need way more sex than women.  Not to say that many women don’t long for a hot rendezvous from time to time. But men thrive off intimacy in marriage.  A man’s desire for sex is a physical need whereas a woman’s desire stems from her hormones and need for an emotional connection.  It’s not likely that you’re going to get that physical connection you’re longing for if she isn’t getting her emotional needs met.

Yes, women know how to put their needs aside to please their husbands, but over time the relationship will start to run dry as one partner has his needs met, but she is feeling empty and disconnected from her spouse.  These 8 ways will help you love your wife on an emotional level, so she will return to you and love you on a physical level.  Your wife will feel full and satisfied emotionally, that she will be excited to jump into the sheets with her hubby.


8 WAYS TO LOVE YOUR WIFE ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL SO SHE'LL LOVE YOU IN BED Wow this really helps me understand my wife better. Such a good read!


  1. Physical touch outside of sex is super important. So hold her hand, rub her back, give her a nice foot massage.  Make her feel so valued that you’re willing to stop what you’re doing to make her feel special. Here are more examples of physical touch that don’t involve sex:
  • Run your hands through her hair
  • Gently caress her cheek
  • Kiss her on the forehead
  • Embrace her
  • Hug her
  • Hold the inside of her arm while you walk together
  • Lift her off her feet while hugging her



  1. Stop being a glorified babysitter. The two of you made a baby together.  Yes, she has to be around the children more, but when you come home take over.  Show her that you care by helping with the kids.  Help with homework, play card games, or hold the baby.  Offer to take the children so she can run a hot bath.  Initiate play with the kids outside so she can have a quiet moment of peace.  Just some time for her to regroup for the rest of the evening will go a long way.  Many men don’t know how women long to feel like an individual and not just a mom or a wife.  Providing this time for her will make her feel valued and cared for, that her husband cares that she needs a break and is willing to step in and be her rock.  Being a good dad and loving the kids as much as she does touches on so many emotional love strings that you are unquestionably going to get some loving later.



  1. Quality conversation is crucial in making her emotional love tank full. When you come home at the end of the day and see she is frazzled from the screaming baby and the dinner burning and she seems weak from the overbearing sports schedule of the older kids, step in and talk to her about her.  This is not the time to discuss you.  Discuss you another time, just not now.  Help her to unload by talking about her day and making her feel cherished that you care about the things she did during the day.  Talk about the kids and their day.  Put you on the back burner for a while.


  1. Allow her to be open. Allow your wife to express herself whether it be an unload of a bad day, her jeans are too tight or needing to get away, or that friend that hurt her feelings. Just listen.  Don’t try to fix her.  Let her express whatever is in her heart and be supportive of her feelings.  Creating a safe environment that she feels she can just let loose with her feelings, even the feelings that seem a bit irrational from being up all night with a baby for the last year and a half, just be present and compassionate.  A man that shows he wants to listen to his wife is a man that gets lucky…wink wink…….!


  1. Affection is huge. If you only touch your wife when you want something, that something being sex, well you’re probably not going to succeed.  Throughout the day make sure you are touching your wife in a loving manner.  A manner that has no intentions or expectations other than communicating love.


  1. Date your wife often. A sure way to keep her emotional tank on high is by dating each other. At least once a month you should make plans to take your wife out for a special evening together.  Getting her out of the house, away from the kids, all dressed up and feeling sexy is perfect therapy for marriage.  Use this time to grow and love on each other.  Hold hands and laugh without being interrupted by a crying baby.  Every marriage needs dating.  Just because you said “I do,” doesn’t mean now stop trying and impressing and dating your spouse.  It is more crucial than ever to work hard at keeping that flame alive.


  1. So now that she is in bed with you, first off, congrats for working hard at cherishing your wife!!! Now keep up the good work by embracing her ever so delicately.  Listen to her and how she responds to your touch and your words.  This is not a time to let go of all you’ve worked so hard on by treating her like a piece of trash in bed.  Caress her gently, kiss her slowly and make it worth her time to get under the sheets with you.  Rushing through this time together to meet your needs will be a determining factor of how often she takes time from her precious sleep or day to be with you sexually.


  1. Last, but definitely not least, be a strong leader. Be a Godly head of household.  Lead your family towards a growing relationship in Christ.  Be strong and confident.  Your wife loves you for you and find assurance in just that.  Her expectations of you are to love and cherish her and your family and nothing more.  Stop setting the bar so high that you fail and feel unworthy of her respect.  Approach your wife as a loving, secure husband and hold her in those strong arms of yours.


There are so many ways to love your wife on an emotional level and these barely scratch the surface.  It’s important in a marriage that both husband and wife are getting their needs met.  It’s also crucial that both are giving and sacrificial in marriage and not just takers of one another.  Serve each with the same kind of love Christ served people with and don’t ever stop cherishing your spouse.


Let me know what makes your emotional love tank feel full.

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