How To Start A Blog In Less Than 15 Minutes

How To Start A Blog In Less Than 15 Minutes

So about five months ago I had just gone to bed and I was doing my usual social media glance through before I closed my eyes. (Note: Not a great habit) I was exhausted from a long day with a new baby and missed my husband because all it seems he ever does is work to help us get by. I set my phone down on my bed as tears gently fell.

How can I help my husband make money so the burden isn’t all his, but also stay home?

We have had so many people try and convince us that in this day and age, a one income family just doesn’t work.  But it does work, but by sacrificing my husbands home time.  I’ve got to think of something…….. but what????  I am far from crafty, we don’t have the capital to start any kind of business, I could do child care at home, but then my house becomes my workplace that I can never escape.

It just seems hopeless, maybe I do have to go back to work……….  

How this thought tears my heart into pieces.  I can’t even fathom my sweet baby boy in child care.  I want to raise him, and see all his firsts and cuddle him when he is sad or sick, not a stranger!

I began to paw through Pinterest and stumbled across something that has changed my life.  I searched for stay at home mom jobs.  Millions of ideas came swarming into my search feed.  Many things just didn’t interest me, but one thing stood out and caught my attention.

It was blogging!!!!!

Let me start out by saying, I am not a writer, I am not a web designer, I am not a guru on anything.  I am just little ole me, in a small town, trying to raise my babies, be a good wife, and lover of God.  I have absolutely zero skill that really qualifies me for any kind of computer gig.

With that being said, I read an article on how to start a blog.  I really didn’t know what a blog was.  I had heard the word used from time to time, but really thought it was just a platform for professional writers and had no clue how they even made money off blogging.  It is and isn’t these things…… It’s whatever you make of it.

I felt my prayers had been answered….

I have a lot to say! I’m a parent of three kids and a stepchild.  I am a wife that has hit bumpy roads in my marriage and were still thriving.  I’m a Christian with a story to tell.  So here you are, on my blog, I started on a whim, with no computer skills outside of Microsoft Office and basic knowledge of my old laptop.

So weary mom, exhausted wife, young women, and men who desire a stay at home job for whatever reason, you, just like me, can start a blog, today in fact! Blogging has changed my life.  Although I’m not hauling in gigantic buckets of money, I am bringing in a decent income.  I started in February of 2016 and wasn’t very focused but by my fourth month of getting decent content on my blog, I went from .67 cents earned, to $20.37 earned.  Then in my fifth month made $240.23, my sixth month $360.42 and now looking to pull in 803.69 this month.  You see, blogging can make you money whether it be a side job or you stay at home and want to make some money to contribute to your family.  My income keeps growing each month and I am thrilled.  Don’t wait any longer, start now!  The other big bloggers say that you can be making a full-time income by your sixth month of blogging.  But, you can’t make any money if you don’t start.

Here’s how!

Start A BLOG In Less Than 15 Minutes

How To Start A Blog In Less Than 15 Minutes

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Have you been considering starting a blog, but it seems like jumping in over your head?  Well, wait no longer and start today!  I will guide you through the process that will appear to be very confusing at first, but I promise it is quite simple and in a few months, you will be so happy you did.

In 15 minutes or less, you will be on your way to designing your site and creating a masterpiece that others will begin to follow and are anxiously waiting for your next post.

Step One:  You Will Need To Choose A Host

Like you, I had no idea what this even means.  Being a mom who wipes cute little butts all day and schedules play dates, is not accustomed to understanding this web lingo.  So most, if not every site you come across on the web is there because someone is hosting that particular site.  Think of it as a flea market, you must pay rent for a table you’re selling your goods at.  Same thing here, you must pay for your space on the web.  FREEZE!  It’s pennies on the dollar, super cheap and I have a link that will save tons, just for you, that will be super affordable, just keep reading………….

There are many host companies out there, but I use Bluehost.  They have been amazing!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called them with a question and they are so eager to help.  I wouldn’t  be here today if it wasn’t for their amazing customer service.

So go to Bluehost and get started.  First, you will click “get started now


Next, you will need to select your hosting level.  As a new blogger, I am using the starter plan and it has worked perfectly.  When you begin to grow and have a gazillion viewers you may need to move up to a larger hosting plan, but not at all necessary for quite a while.


Step Two: Create An Awesome Domain Name

Now comes the fun part!  Think of your unique domain name ( What you want your website to be called) Take your time with this.  Make sure your domain name is awesome, easy to find, and your readers will know exactly what they’re clicking on.  For instance, my site is Made Perfectly Then when my readers (you) click on my site you see a tagline that says a Purposeful stride of an imperfect mommy and wife.  So it is very clear that my blog is a mom/family blog.  So what resonates with you and will make your blog AWESOME!  Once you come up with some ideas you’re in love with, see if there available here.


Don’t be discouraged if your name is taken.  Keep trying for something unique to you.  My first few ideas were already used.  The transfer domain is if you already have a blog on a free platform that you’re not happy with or that you just wish to have complete control over it so that you may make money with your blog (monetize it).  Once your domain is selected and available you will come to your package plan.  You are welcome to get whatever you want for site protection, and site backup but make sure you get the domain privacy option.  If you opt out, all of your site information, name, phone number, and your address will be listed on the internet.

Step Three: Download Not .Com

Congratulations!  You now have your domain all picked out and ready to install  Make sure you download and not .com. WordPress is the bones to your site.  How you design your site is all found in WordPress.  It will all seem overwhelming at first. My suggestion is to just take one day at a time.

Bluehost has an easy one click WordPress install button and will have you up and ready in seconds.

 I used videos on Youtube to help me get going.  Once you have your WordPress installed, check out youtube with all of the great videos on how to start a blog.  Without these videos, I wouldn’t be here today.  Don’t try to figure it out on your own.  The video I used to help get me started was here.  I would play and pause,play and pause and his easy step by step process got me up and going in no time.  He shows you every plugin I have on my site and it is super informative.

A plugin is web lingo on how to install certain features on your site.  For instance, a search bar, you have to install a search plugin.  It’s really cool.  I came back to the video several times as to stick to a slow paced plan, and not get overwhelmed with information and feel defeated.  But I promise you, it is so worth it!  Watch this Easy Step by Step Video from Bluehost on installing WordPress.  A lot easier than listening to me ramble on.

So, there you have it.  It is that simple to setup a blog.  I will reiterate, I am horrible with computers and not a professional writer.  This is a fun hobby that I share my passions in life with the world.  The fun part, I get to make money while doing so.

Keep following me for more blog related content to come.

My advice to you:  Start now!  Stop procrastinating and allowing fear to convince you that you can’t do this.  I am a mom, a wife, and a Christian with a story.  I have zero skills that qualify me for web design and if I can do this, you surely can.  You’ve got this!

Share with me your thoughts or questions on blogging and I would love to help.  Click below and get started! 



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