10 Inexpensive or Free Father’s Day Ideas

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, this Sunday in fact!  I don’t know about you, but I struggle with buying gifts for my husband.  He seems to always have everything he needs and I’m not super creative.  I have found over time, that he really values a good ole fashion family day or time with his wife.  The best gifts are the memories we create all together.

I try to think of what he likes and what his hobbies used to be before marriage and children and play off all of those to create a fun filled day for my hubby and the most wonderful father to our children.  Fathers deserve a day to be shown appreciation for all of their hard work, and provision.  My husband works long days that sometimes spill into the weekend.  Then, he’ll come home and get babies handed over to him by a tired, and exhausted mom.  So, let’s make this day a very special day that goes beyond a hallmark card and lets appreciate our daddies.



  1. A Local Baseball Game


My husband loves baseball but we can never afford a major league baseball game so give him a taste of what he’s been longing to watch with your city’s local team.  Our cities team is the Portland Sea Dogs and is only five dollars a ticket and super fun!  Super affordable for the whole family!


  1. Mini Golf


What man doesn’t enjoy a good round of golf.  My husband is a huge fan, and very good!  Why not play off his love for golf and bring the whole family to a round of mini golf.  Relatively inexpensive and super fun! Many times we get a hole in one and earn a token for a free game the next time we return.  He get’s to golf and make memories with his family.  Perfection!!!


  1. Home Theater Surprise


Go out and pick up dad’s favorite movie theater popcorn, his favorite snacks and have a family movie night.  Have the kids get involved and make the popcorn and serve daddy.  Make it a fun event with blankets and lots of daddy snuggles.  Mommy and daddy can cuddle to a romantic movie later.

  1. Go Hiking


Every guy likes to get outside and see the country.  Plan a hike that is kid friendly and pack a lunch and maybe a special dessert for after the picnic.  Take lots of pictures and enjoy the scenery.


  1. Father’s Day BBQ


Get all the special dads together and show appreciation for the men in your life by feeding them their favorite BBQ dishes.  Lots of burgers, steaks or hot dogs!  Corn on the cob, pasta salad’s and fruit dishes, sodas and chips!  This will definitely make for a perfect Father’s Day.  I always say the way to my husband’s heart is through his belly!


  1. Go To The Beach


Pack a picnic lunch and head off to the beach!  What better way to enjoy dad then to sit on the beach together building sand castles, cooling off in the surf, absorbing some vitamin D and walking hand and hand together.


  1. Wash His Truck/Car


My husband loves his truck!  When we first had kids he would take their shoes off before they got in.  He’s relaxed now about it, but what a perfect way to say we love you dad by washing and cleaning his truck!  The kids will love spraying down the truck, the older kiddos can help with vacuuming it out and then giving the dash a good shine.  Go a bit further and wax the whole truck and really surprise dad with a sparkling, immaculate truck.


  1. Go Fishing


Every man loves to fish!  What man doesn’t have a great fishing story to tell!  Grab the tackle box and poles and find his favorite fishing hole and cast away!  This is sure to be a day he never forgets!  Catch and release or plan a supper filled with fish! (Always’s follow your state laws when fishing)


  1. Pamper Dad


This is one of my favorite ideas, and the kids love helping too!  Take a jar and fill it with coupons of fun ways to pamper dad.  For example, one free massage, or let me grab you a drink, or let us make you your favorite snack.  Get the kids involved with these ideas and have fun with it!  Throughout the day, dad will draw from the jar and we will pamper him with love and giggles.


  1. Game Day And Ice Cream


Make memories outside or in with his favorite games.  Outside you can play a family game of baseball or basketball, horseshoes, tennis, cricket, volleyball or play inside with his favorite card games.  After, go treat dad to some ice cream for being such a great father!

No matter what you do, he is certain to have an amazing day.  Just remember to spoil him rotten, give him lots of kisses and cuddles, and never stop telling him how much you appreciate him.

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Tell me what you plan on doing for Father’s Day….




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