51 Ways To Show Your Husband Love Through Touch

51 Ways To Show Your Husband Love Through Touch


I find that I get kind of sick of the constant, “I love you” all the time.  I like when my spouse shows me love through new ways or untraditional ways.  So many people experience love in so many different ways.  It’s impossible to get it right all the time.  Everyone has a love language, and my husbands are the love language of affection and touch.  He loves to be touched and cuddled and caressed, and I would be happy if he would let me take a day off from the kids.  See, completely different languages of love.  So how many ways can you possibly show love through touch, I mean, isn’t it as simple as kissing, or holding hands, or jumping in the sack?  Below is a list of 51 ways to love your spouse through touch.


51 Ways To Show Your Husband Love Through Touch


  1. Kiss his forehead
  2. Smack his bum ( gently ladies)
  3. Hold the inside of his arm
  4. Touch his leg in the car
  5. Come up from behind him and touch the small of his back
  6. Caress his face with your hand
  7. Play, and run your fingers through his hair
  8. Jump in his arms when he comes through the door
  9. Squeeze his hand in prayer
  10. Kiss his neck
  11. Whisper in his ear your love for him
  12. Let him cuddle you on the couch in front of a movie
  13. Massage his back after a long day of work
  14. Pinch his bum
  15. Wink at him
  16. Hug him
  17. The obvious, make love to him
  18. Any sexual foreplay
  19. Tease him with kisses in the car
  20. Tickle him
  21. Playfully wrestle and laugh together
  22. Let your hands wander on his body and show him how much he turns you on
  23. Dance together while cooking
  24. Surprise him and sit on his lap and remind him why you should go to bed soon
  25. Kiss him more than the, “I’m busy kiss.” Make it long and passionate
  26. Smell him and enlighten him how much the smell of your man turns you on
  27. While sitting together, place your arm around him
  28. Grab his hand at dinner
  29. Play footsies
  30. Kiss his cheek
  31. Wash his back
  32. Rub his shoulders
  33. Lotion his hands and give him a mini spa treatment for those hardworking hands
  34. Make him feel like he’s in the salon by washing his hair and massaging his scalp
  35. Watch him undress and make him feel hot
  36. Spoon him in bed, and then let him spoon you 😉
  37. Offer to shower with him and hold each other tight
  38. Scratch his back
  39. Grab him by the neck and pull him close to your body
  40. Stare into his eyes and tell him you love him
  41. Flirt with body language
  42. Rub the back of his neck while he drives
  43. Hold his hand while walking
  44. Grab his arms and wrap them around your waist
  45. Run your foot up his inner thigh
  46. Put your hand in his back pocket as you walk together
  47. Gently bite his bottom lip
  48. Suck and seductively breath into his ear
  49. Massage his feet
  50. Caress his hand
  51. Lay across him on the couch and embrace each other


Many people feel that physical touch always has to be something sexual.  Yes, it can lead to having sex with your spouse, but a physical touch outside of the sexual realm, like many I mentioned,  communicates so much more.  Like, I need you, I want you, you’re my everything, you’re so sexy, and instills confidence in your husband and improves your marriage.


He needs you to show him love through all of these ways sacrificially and so much more.  Jump in his arms when he comes home, kiss him often, hold his hand wherever you go and remember, this love language is what makes him tick.  So never stop and never cease to be creative.


Have you figured out what your husband’s love language is?  How do you serve him with love?


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