10 WAYS To Not OVERSPEND On Groceries

Saving money on groceries seems impossible these days.  Every time I go into the store the prices of food just keep rising and my kids keep growing which translates to bottomless bellies. You can blow your budget faster than anything on the grocery bill.  When money is stretched, it is tremendously important to stick to your budget.  One overspend can fling your budget right out the window, and you’re back to where you started, still struggling with money, and bills going unpaid.  Here are some grocery bill money saving tips to help you stay right on point and mastering that budget.

10 Ways To Save On Groceries Like A Pro Master your grocery spending with these 10 tips from the pros


  • Make a list of what you NEED, not want.

    Check bathroom for essentials you may need, kitchen for cleaners you may be out of, the fridge and pantry for must have staples, baby’s room for baby supplies that are empty and so on.  Construct a list of everything your family needs before you head out to the store.  This will help remind you of what you need and also keep you from buying things you don’t need to keep overspending from happening.


Here is an example list of essentials:


Toilet Paper

Kids shampoo

Moms conditioner



Baby’s Room



Diaper Cream



Salt and Pepper


Garlic powder









Floor Cleaner


This is not the grocery list, but what we will add to our list of things we are out of and need to stock up on. Don’t forget to shop at the dollar stores for some of these products, if not most of them.


  • Newspapers and coupons!

    The next money saving tip is to go through your newspapers and see what sales are going on at your local grocer.  I get a free local community paper filled with the hardware store sales, three grocery store sales, our local pharmacy sales and so on.  Filled with coupons and ideas of where to go to get the best bang for your buck!  See if any of the essential list items are on sale.  Make a note by each item where you can get your items at the best price.


  • Shop around!

    Now, you’ve realized that the items you need are not all in the same store.  Yes, for convenience, it’s easier to go to the grocery store and buy everything right there.  But you can save an incredible amount of $$$$money$$$$ by doing your research and traveling around town to get the best buy.  Our local Rite Aid had buy one get one free or 50% off all the time on stuff I needed.  They also have huge savings on laundry detergent, and body soap and make-up.  Trust me; it’s worth it to travel around town to get what you need.


  • Research!

    Go back to your papers and coupons and see what’s on sale for food items.  Knowing what is a good bargain before you decide what’s for supper is crucial before making your food item list.


  • Planning!

    So you now know that steak is on sale, chicken is super cheap this week, and they are having a huge sale on haddock, which is normally way too expensive, and you ignore the seafood section altogether.  Construct a seven-day menu with the sale items listed. This tip will save you so much money.  Walking into the grocery store knowing exactly what you need saves time and lots of $$$$money$$$$!  I have gone to the grocery store many times with not a clue on what I’m going to make for supper and spend double.  It’s never a good scene.


  • Menu!

    Always’s plan a seven-day menu, so you are not tempted to spend lots and lots of money on takeout.


  • Leftovers!

    Plan a meal that is prepared with the intentions to have a second night.  Leftovers are huge money saving techniques.  If there is an awesome sale on chicken, prepare something big enough to have the following evening.  Or a sale you can’t refuse on pasta you can make a big Chop Suey to heat up the next evening.


  • Eat!

    Don’t go shopping hungry!  Need I say more?


  • Sitter!

    Keep the kids home.  Wait until dad comes home from work and then go shopping.  The kids have a way of adding to your grocery bill, and you spend so much more with them around.  If you can control the environment and say “NO!”, that’s perfect too.


  • Observe!

    Pay attention to brand names.  You will find that you can buy your items cheaper and get the same quality with a no brand name item.  Some things are not the same quality, and you will find this out through trial and error shopping.  But a lot of food items and products are just as good and will save money on your grocery bill.



These are just a few of the tips I have to help save money and even put extra money back in your wallet if you find a good deal.  Always’s use IBOTTA while you shop!  This money saving APP will give you back money with rebates!  Check out my article here on how to use IBOTTA!


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Tell me what kind of money saving techniques you use when shopping for groceries!





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