5 Sure Habits That Prove You’re An AMAZING Mommy

5 Sure Habits That Prove You’re An AMAZING Mommy

I can’t tell you how many times I question the things I do as a mommy and wonder if I’m ruining my kids.  I tell ya, being a parent is hard.  Nothing about parenting is easy and although there are millions of moments to love and cherish, it is some tiring.  Especially, if you’re doing it solo.  Even in marriage, it seems like you’re alone sometimes.  Moms just parent differently.  We seem to be more involved, more emotionally connected to our kids and their well-being, and we just plain worry about them more.  I know all men are not created equal and there are many that parent the same as a woman does, but from my experience good, wrong or indifferent they just don’t do it the same.

So, after many years of parenting, I have struggled from time to time whether I’m getting this job right?  I discovered that parenting is a job of many hats and it has provoked laughter, been tear inducing, and I often feel puzzled.  But, there is one thing I do know, after finally convincing myself that I’m not going to ruin my babies, that there is no perfect parenting mold.  The things that I do as a parent make me an amazing mother and you’re rocking motherhood too!


5 Sure Habits That Prove You’re An AMAZING Mommy



  1. Worry

Are you always worrying about your children?  Wondering if they’re safe, being good, respecting their teachers?  Are they good friends to their peers?  Ugh, I never stop worrying about my children.  Sometimes it consumes my brain to the brink of exhaustion.  I know God has got them safely where he wants them, but I still worry.  What mother doesn’t?  Worrying makes me an awesome mom because I care.  Because I want the best for them and clearly want nothing to happen to them EVER.  Things will happen, unfortunately, but I will do what I can to help them, and guide them through life.  So, if you’re worried about your children, you’re doing a great job mommy.


  1. Anger

Oh, those moments where I lost my cool.  My child has upset me with his behavior, and now I’m angry.  But wait, society says an angry mom is a bad mom.  NO!  Abusing your child out of anger is a bad mom.  Being angry and feeling hurt by your child is good.  Why, again because we moms care about the babies we are raising.  We want them to be loving, kind, and responsible adults someday.  Feeling disappointed and angry with your child is okay. If you feel like an angry mom, it may be because you’re stuck in a situation with your child that is reoccurring.  Don’t beat yourself up mom; it will pass.  Take a deep breath and focus on what is going on right in your child’s life.  They are little humans too and make mistakes.


  1. Saying You’re Sorry

Oh my gosh, if I could capture the faces of my children when I sit down and say I’m sorry.  So yeah, I mess up from time to time. GUESS WHAT?  None of us are perfect, and I want my children to know that I feel convicted when I make mistakes with them.

If I humble myself and bring my mistake(s) to the surface and show them that I am truly sorry for overreacting or yelling too much or what have you, I am teaching them how to take responsibility for mistakes, how to be humble little people and they are learning how to ask for forgiveness.  They also see that no matter your age, no one person is perfect.  Their little faces light up when they see mommy made a mistake and is sorry.  It helps to clear the air, and we move forward to a better day,  I feel better, and they feel better.  So keep apologizing mama, your kids will forgive you and not take advantage of the situation.


  1. Mama Time

So it’s seven o’clock the kids are irritated because I just rushed them upstairs to call it a day.  My oldest is mad because none of her friends are in bed this early, my son is ugly because he didn’t get to see the ending of SpongeBob and the baby is all tubbied and sleeping.  The guilt starts to set in as I didn’t stick to any bedtime routine and rushed them away.


WHOA, you deserve this time.   Mama, you’ve spent all day with those kids, or all evening, rushing them around God’s creation.  Guess what, you get to take a break.  This means, yes YOU are allowed a breather.  It is good for mom to relax and have a good portion of time set out to just take in the rest of the day with tea, your favorite show or putting in a good workout.  Whatever makes you happy.  Being a mother is super rewarding but very tiring.  You are an awesome mom when you get to the point that you need a break and some mama time.


  1. Self Doubt

If you find yourself doubting your abilities as a mother, it is a good thing.  Don’t linger here long, and start trusting in yourself and here’s why.  Raising a small child is a HUGE, and I mean HUGE task.  We don’t want to break them or mess them up and heck we know that when they are adults, their behavior reflects on us as parents.  Yes, you get a wayward adult even with great parenting.  But, typically the values and morals you teach your child stick with them for life.  So of course, we question are we getting this right.


We ask all of these questions because we care.  We care that we are teaching them everything they need to know.  In many jobs, a boss will have staff self-evaluate their performance as an employee.  Then the boss will provide his or her evaluation to see where you guys meet in the middle.  As moms, we are constantly self-evaluating, and we even question our ability. Often, we know what our weaknesses are, and we evaluate ourselves to see how to build on them.  You’re an AMMMMMAZING mother when you start to evaluate yourself.  Just make adjustments as needed and don’t get hung up on failures.  We learn from our mistakes. Don’t be a prisoner of your shortcomings.  Allow them all to be learning experiences.


I know being a mom is a tough, tough job.  I’ve been a single mom and a married “single” mom.  We have a lot of pressure on our shoulders to get this right.  But God has shown me time and time again, that he trusted me with these lives.  That I am an AMMMZAING mommy even with the flaws.

You will have fun, loving, and what appear to be perfect seasons in motherhood and times that seem revolting and you question, “who is this child, and what have you done with my angel?”  But, all storms pass, and God is walking every step with you mama.  So don’t ever forget that you’re AMAZING!


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