5 Habits That Are Turning Your Husband Off

5 Habits That Are Turning Your Husband Off


I know, I know we’re so flawless, how could we possibly be turning our husbands off?  We’re so busy nit-picking, picking up his dirty underwear, grabbing his wet towel from the end of the bed, and wiping whiskers from the sink that we forget we have some habits that he hates and they really turn him off!

I’ve found that it’s so easy to get caught up in him and all he’s doing that I forget my husband has to deal with me too.  But, he is so much better at biting his tongue than I am.  He has always been so full of grace when it comes to me and my silly ways, but I am always attacking him for his imperfections.  Not because I have bad intentions to break him down but because I’m trying to create my version of perfection in our home, all the while, it tears him down and turns him off.



5 Habits That Are Turning Your Husband Off

5 HABITS THAT ARE TURNING YOUR HUSBAND OFF Wow, I had no idea habit number three impacted my husband so.


  1. Reattaching the Umbilical Cord

Your husband has a mother, one that probably already crosses the marriage boundary line.  He wants to feel strong and independent, and when we start acting like his second mother, he hates it.  What man wants to look at his wife and see another mother?  He wants freedom with his wife, friendship, and fun.

A child feels love and for the most part respect for his mother.  But he also feels that ultimately she makes all the decisions, and she is in control.  A mother is an impressive piece of life, but a husband is not looking for someone to control his every move, nit-pick at all his flaws and replace his biological mother.  He wants an equal, a helpmate, a lover, a companion, a best friend.

Ladies, think of your best girlfriends, do you tear them up for all of their flaws?  Probably not.  You love them for who they are, and that’s what makes you the best of friends.  That’s how we should be treating our husbands.  It’s not the best bedroom approach when you act like mommy dearest.  Keep things sexy and less like mom.


  1. Why Can’t You Be Like So-And-Sos Husband?

Okay, so you know all those perfect husbands that seem to be out there, and maybe all of our friends have them??  Well, they look like the perfect guy, but they have just as many flaws as your husband we just see the good side of them.  It is crushing to our men when they think were thinking of other men and comparing them.

First, they become aware of the fact that you’re miserable with who they are as the man of your life and begin to lose confidence in themselves.  Not many men perform well in bed when they lack confidence.  Second, they stop trusting you.  They don’t’ feel safe when their wives are wandering and thinking of what other men are like and wanting those certain characteristics in their own husbands.  God gave you your husband for a reason, and we are to appreciate every part of him.  Even the ones we don’t like.


  1. Ahhhhh, Can We Turn The Light Off?

So, men don’t perform well in bed when they lack confidence and the same goes with us.  When you’re so preoccupied with how you look and hating yourself, you start to turn your husband off.  He loves you and your every dimple and mark, especially if those marks are from carrying his sweet child.

Your man wants you to jump in bed and be the beautiful woman he see’s and loves.  He wants you to feel safe with him and free with him. He has the same hang ups about his own body image I assure you.  But doesn’t he make you feel good when he comes in prepared to be the strong man you need in bed, and you don’t even see what problems he thinks he has?  The same goes for them.  So turn on the lights and rip off your clothes and be the gorgeous woman he sees you as.


  1. Can We Just Stay Home?

Laziness is next to well, a husband wanting to see you not sit on the couch in a ponytail and sweats every night. Okay, okay don’t beat me up just yet.  I have kids too, a baby, and three school-aged kiddos.  I get the exhaustion, I get the need for comfy clothes, and the no makeup look.  My husband loves this look.  But he also wants to get out and dress up and see his gorgeous wife all beautified for the night.  He understands your added need for rest and comfort, he really does.  But, push yourself a few days a month and dress to kill and show your husband that sexy woman he remembers and dress to knock him off his feet later.  He’ll appreciate those yoga pant days even more!


  1. Bleep, Bleep, %^&*

I’ve tossed a few curse words around in my time and even had men that didn’t really care as they doubled my f-bombs, but after I became saved I felt convicted about my potty mouth and brought myself to a place where I stopped, well for the most part.  A rocky marriage can have a tendency to bring out those old skeletons you thought you laid to rest.  But, I noticed when those words slipped from my mouth, how turned off my husband was.  My gentle feminine approach turned into an f-bombing, harebrained mess.  There is nothing attractive about this, at all!  When I am gentle with my words, and express my thoughts without the added nasty profanities, I gain my husbands respect even more, and maintain the composure of a lady.


I know, because we’re all human that we either are guilty of all of these habits or some and are currently guilty of them right now,  including me.  But there is no better time than the present to start working on these habits and fixing your chemistry with your husband.


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