The Ultimate Magic That Changed My Parenting Forever

The Ultimate Magic That Changed My Parenting Forever



I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to have another baby at the age of 33.  My other two children were already at the age of independence.  My daughter is twelve, and my son is ten, and now we have a sweet little two-year-old running the show.  I’m also expecting my fourth in February so to say I’m a very busy mama is DEFINITELY an understatement.

I Don’t Know what I’m doing….

But wait, I don’t remember how to parent a toddler; it’s been so long.  He wants to throw every breakable object in the house and when I tell him no, it’s like I’ve beaten the poor kid and he screams to the top of his lungs.  He thinks it’s okay to fling matchbox cars at mommy while she is busy working because God forbid my world doesn’t revolve around him 24 hours a day.

I Need Help………

Although I wouldn’t change it for the world, I NEED HELP, I have had so much experience as a parent, but starting over with a toddler takes a lot of getting used to…….again.


It wasn’t until one day I stumbled upon Boys Town through a friend’s recommendation and to my surprise they have a whole shebang of information on parenting. Their topics range from anti-bullying to kids & technology and understanding toddlers and their tantrums.  They provide valuable resources for parents to help improve the quality time with their children.

A Bit Skeptical…..

I am always a bit skeptical of trusting other peoples advice on parenting, so I thought to myself, why should I trust Boys Town?  Well, for starters, Boys Town offers a colossal sized library full of resources to help parents with a limitless quantity of topics.  These resources have been developed over many decades by their child behavior experts. Boys Town is based on 100 years of real-world experience with tens of thousands of families. And, whether you are a parent, grandparent or guardian of a toddler, teen or someone in-between, they have Parenting Guides, articles, videos, tools and quick tips on a variety of subjects, all developed by the Boys Town’s experts.

Heres The Magic….


My all-time favorite resource they offer is the email series.  Boys Town will send you a weekly email series on whichever topic you’re interested in.  I naturally signed up for the toddler tantrums series because I was desperate for some help with my own toddler.  He really is a sweet child, but those moments of screaming and tantrums have just thrown me for a frazzled loop.


The Ultimate Magic That Changed The Way I Parent Forever Stop Struggling with parenting and check this guide out today!

What Did I Learn?

So, what did I take away from this series on handling my toddler’s tantrums?  Well, without spoiling the series for you, I have learned that toddlers learn differently than older children.  This series taught me how to better communicate with my child using fewer words, but producing a much more fruitful response from my son.  Ding, Ding!  Getting my child to respond to me is a huge plus, right? #ParentingWin


The series also has a weekly teaching activity that really helps implement what they teach.  I was able to put into practice their advice, and I’m so glad I did!  Boys Town taught me to use certain phrases that will captivate my toddler’s attention over word combinations that don’t really get anywhere with him.  It’s been such a blessing to have access to such an awesome resource.  There is less pulling my hair out in frustration and more enjoying the days of toddlerville.  I was super excited to get my emails as each week they would give me a fun hint as to what the next week’s email would entail.


Walking Away Feeling Like A Supermom…..

So all in all, I’ve walked away knowing how to feel more in control of my toddler, how to speak more on his level to produce a much more productive response from him, and to understand the behavior of my toddler; what seems like annoying mischief is really just him exploring his environment and learning.  So to feel less stressed I’ve set up cupboards and drawers he can safely get into and placed locks on all doors I don’t want him in.  I have a messy corner of the house, but it’s okay.  He is playing and having fun, and mom feels so much better. #ParentingWin


So who doesn’t love a good #ParentingWin?  Check out Boys Town today and start getting answers and resources to your toughest parenting dilemmas.  There is a slew of parenting emails for all walks on this parenting journey so sign up today and sit back and watch your family transform to a more patient and relaxed home environment.  Even my kids were shocked at the changes they saw in our little guy.  Come on guys, because sometimes even our moms don’t have the answers to our parenting struggles.  Let the experts with over 100 years experience step in and help you change the dynamics of your home with a better approach to parenting.

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