11 SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Games For Kids

11 SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Games For Kids


Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!!!  The changing leaves, cooler weather, fall sports, how can anyone not love it?  I’m especially fond of this time of year as my children were all born in the fall months, October, and November.  I love Halloween.  Not the evil, scary things, but the cute costumes and fun kid parties with lots of goodies.  Carving out pumpkins and making treat bags for all the little ones to collect on Halloween makes for great family memories.


With all of the birthdays this time of year, I couldn’t help but share some of our favorite Halloween games.  These games can be used for birthdays or fun Halloween parties.  They are also very kid friendly and can be altered to accommodate any age.  Let’s get started, boo ha ha ha!

11 Spooktacular Halloween Games For kids These look so fun! Can't wait to try number five first!


  1. Eyeball Toss


You will need teams of two.  Blindfold one child and have him turn around facing away from his partner.  Give the other partner a solo cup.  The blindfolded teammate will toss over his shoulder the eyeball and the teammate with the cup will try and catch the eyeballs.  The team with the most eyeballs in one-minute wins!  For younger kiddos remove the blindfold.


 What you will need:

Green Grapes (Eyeballs)

Solo cups




  1. Bobbing For Doughnuts


Tie a rope between two chairs or outside between two trees, low enough for children to reach.  Then tie the doughnut on the rope about 12 inches apart.  Have children place hands behind their back and begin at the signal.  The first child to finish their doughnut in one-minute wins!  If the doughnut falls off the string before finishing, the child is disqualified.


What you will need:






  1. The Witches Limbo


Have everyone dress up in their costumes and start the music!  Decorate a spooky broom, and the children will need to line up and one at a time go under the scary broom.  If any part of the body touches the witches broom, the child must sit in the bubbling cauldron until the game restarts.  Create a dark cauldron for the kids to sit in.  The last child to defeat the lowering witches broom wins!


What you will need:

Halloween music


Halloween decorations



  1. Frankensteins Café


The kids will enter the kitchen and sit around the table.  With partners, one child will be blindfolded; they will be served some of Frankenstein’s Halloween specials.  The kids must touch and feel and eat each ghoulish special and tell their partner, who is not blindfolded, what they think they’re eating.  That partner will write down all the guesses.  The child that guessed the most right wins.  Switch partners and use different food items.


Example Specials:

Eyeballs: Grapes

Dracula Teeth: Candy Corn

Toxic Waste:  Green Macaroni and cheese

Mummy Brains: Carmel popcorn

Witches Finger: Hotdog


What you will need:

Creative food

Blindfold (Handkerchief or long sock)



  1. Pirate Jacks Right Eye


Place a round cookie over each child’s eye.  With hands behind their backs, the first child to eat the cookie with no hands in one-minute wins!  If the cookie falls off the face, they are disqualified.


What you will need:

Round cookies



  1. Pumpkin Stack Relay Race

Two teams are needed for this game.   (Ex: Two teams of four or more kids) Using mini pumpkins, a child will race down to a table set up with five mini pumpkins. They will stack the pumpkins and return to the line.  If the pumpkins fall, they have to re-stack.  The first team to get 3 or more cycles of pumpkin stacking wins.  A table coordinator will unstack pumpkins for the next child.


What you will need:

Mini Pumpkins





  1. Guess How Many???

Place Dracula teeth (Candy Corn) into a container.  Know how many are in the container.  Have children take a guess on how many teeth are in the bowl and write down their answer.  Reward the winner with a prize.


What you will need:

Candy Corn




  1. Pumpkin Bowling


Create bowling pins with white toilet paper rolls.  Draw eyes and a mouth to create spooky ghosts.  Use a pumpkin to bowl into the stacked pins.  Each pin with a scary ghost face is worth 5 points and the pins with a happy ghost face are worth 3 points.


What you will need:


6 Toilet Paper Rolls

Black Marker



  1. Stack Attack

Children will stack 36 cups in a perfect triangle and once done place back in a single stack.  The first one to complete their task yells stack attack!!! And wins!  Do in twos to keep cups in control.


What you will need:

An abundance of solo cups



  1. Hut Hut Hoop


Use your ghostly toilet paper rolls as footballs to get a haunted game of football on zombie style.  Instead of field goals, you will have two people on each end of the field with hula hoops!  Dress up in your favorite costume to make it even scarier.


What you will need:

Toilet Paper

Hula Hoops



  1. The Mummy Wrap

Use teams of two kiddos.  One child will wrap the other in toilet paper and the first team to have their mommy all wrapped in one-minute wins!


What you will need:

Toilet Paper



Tell me some of your favorite Halloween games your family loves.


Click here for a ghostly snack to serve during these fun games!



















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